About That Free Shipping...

Hello, Truce friends!

I’d like to start by saying thank you so much for the incredible support so far! Alena and I have been so humbled by the encouragement from all corners of our lives. We are constantly evolving and learning from this experience, as both business women and creators. Today, we’d like to address something we’ve learned. 

About 7 weeks ago we decided to do something radical- we introduced free Canada-wide shipping to our Canadian shoppers. We were listening to feedback and constructive dialogue, and enthusiastically decided to bring free shipping to our site. The response to this change was overwhelmingly positive and we were so happy to be able to fulfil this demand.

Unfortunately, we now realize this change was introduced too soon as it is not currently a viable option for the scale of our small business. We’ve decided to revert to our previous model of $10 shipping Canada-wide. This change will not affect our US or international shoppers and those shipping models will remain the same.

We’ll be implementing the change on November 1, 2019. Yes, you heard right! You still have a week to benefit from those free shipping perks, so get shopping!


Amanda + Alena