Welcome to Truce

Truce is for the free spirits, the rebels against fast-fashion, the modern women of today seeking sartorial inspiration from bygone eras. 

We are an independent online shop curating timeless vintage pieces and preloved contemporary slow fashion. While the fashion industry has often done more harm than good, we believe that it’s possible to curate a stylish closet that is not only timeless and elegant, but kinder to the planet and the people on it. One of the best ways to do that is to extend the life cycle of clothes by choosing to wear 'pre-loved' and vintage pieces.

This is where we come in. Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing style; each of our vintage items is hand-picked for its quality, design, and its ability to blend in seamlessly with a contemporary wardrobe. We only choose the best contemporary pieces that meet our high standards for quality and craftsmanship, and where possible, much of our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

A Little Bit of Background... 

Every year, the fashion industry produces around 80 billion new pieces of clothing each year. But the majority of those garments -- most of which are still in wearable condition -- will end up in landfills within their first year of production, some of which will take hundreds of years to decompose, and release harmful greenhouse gasses as they do. Beyond that, the fashion industry is extremely resource intensive, costing people and the environment greatly as new clothes are produced. That's why we believe so strongly that we must first look to secondhand clothes before we look to new ones to complement our wardrobe. The world already has plenty of incredible pieces -- they're just waiting for us to find them. So we do the hard work of spending hours sourcing and curating our products so that you only need to visit our website to discover them. 

We know you’ll love each treasure as much as we do!


Meet the Owners

Truce is proudly women-owned and run by Amanda and Alena Tran, sisters-in-law and kindred spirits in their love of style and aesthetics. Alena is based out of Calgary, Alberta and Amanda out of Vancouver, BC, which means a wider variety of items and options for local pickup in two cities.

When she's not working as a copywriter or hanging out with her husband in bubble tea shops, Alena can be found blogging about fashion ethics, a passion that led to her interest in starting an online vintage store. She brings a love of visual storytelling, a nostalgia for bygone eras, and a heart for sustainability to Truce. You can visit her blog at allyctran.com or find her on Instagram at @allyctran. 

Amanda's journey through fashion and style is an exploration of moods, seasons, and learning curves. Coupled with her keen interest in personal style, her experience in fashion retail and salon management lends Truce a more contemporary eye, complementing Alena's romance of Parisian capsule wardrobes. In her spare time she enjoys venturing out to explore the multi-faceted terrain of her home city of Vancouver. Find her on Instagram at @tranamandaa to follow along.